Chapter Seven

As the
Iris Warriors
moved forward,
Darkness slowly

The light grew and grew, ever brighter, washing over Darkness, engulfing and enveloping her, lighting every dark corner of the world. The Shadows tried to hide behind her, wrap themselves in her brittle skirts, but the force of light was too strong, there was no escape. Darkness could do nothing to save her Shadows as they were blown away like fog before a rising storm. As the Iris Warriors moved forward, Darkness slowly retreated. Each step backwards that Darkness took weakened her, until she could no longer move. Suddenly the circle the Iris Warriors had formed erupted into a sphere of white flames, drowning all that was dark in brilliant clear Light. Darkness was vanquished. The Iris Warriors were united, joined forever and shining down on the world. They called themselves the Sun and shone their bright yellow rays in honour of the Yellow Warrior’s bravery and courage against Darkness.

Darkness still has her place, still creeps back each night, but she knows she can never triumph, that each day the Sun will rise, each day Light will bring us warmth, comfort, life. And today and forever more, the Sun weeps at the memory of what happened that day. The sparkling silver droplets fall from the sky and kiss everything below. For a short, magical moment they bring to life all the Warriors’ colours in a divine rainbow, a reminder of how the world was made beautiful and safe from Darkness and her shadows by the virtues and sacrifice of the Iris Warriors.