Chapter Six

Yellow felt the
stinging chill of
his mother's

Yellow pleaded with each sibling, begged them to work together, to be strong, powerful, as they had once been, but they all feared Darkness, would not fight her. Darkness watched her children and laughed with venomous malice. The Iris Warriors had dared to defy her and now they were paying the price! Yellow felt the stinging chill of his mother’s hatred. If he were to make a difference, he must act alone. He walked over to Darkness, stared at her, a bold flash of brilliant yellow light radiating out of him. He tried to force Darkness back, expel her from their world, but she did not move, and Yellow’s light quickly dimmed. Yellow did not give up. Again he tried to fight her, again his yellow light flared out, again he failed. One by one the other Warriors came over to watch their brother. What was he doing?

Yellow continued to fight with everything he had, but he was tiring, her icy breath sucking the life out of him. The other Iris Warriors looked on, horrified, as he fell back, his beautiful yellow light dimming. As he stumbled backwards, the Shadows swarmed in, surrounding him, picking and sniping at him, weakening him with each attack. A scream escaped Green’s lips as she suddenly hurled herself forward. Green lived to help others, to give of herself, and so she threw her beautiful light at her dark mother, defending her brother.

For a moment the others were frozen, then one by one they raced forward, determined to help Green and Yellow battle their dark mother. Red, with his passionate loving nature, defending the others. Orange, filled with energy and enthusiasm. Blue, calm, measured, knowing that this was their moment. Violet, filled with a love for her brothers and sisters that she had almost forgotten. And Indigo, the force of harmony, uniting them all. Darkness reared up, her dark icy cloak overshadowing all of them, certainty on her grim face. She smiled her cold smile, gathered the shards of her frozen cape around her, swooped down on the warriors with brutal certainty.

But as she tried to consume them, something changed – her darkness flickered, began to fade. The Iris Warriors had formed a tightly bonded circle of power, their colours combining into a dazzling bright light – not the individual colours, but the pure, brilliant white of their father, Light.