Chapter Five

Darkness smiled
her wicked smile.
Her work was
almost complete.

As Red and Violet prepared to run off, Green stormed over to them, tried to lure Red to her. Violet simply laughed at her attempts, said they were pathetic. Consumed by lust, Red and Violet brushed Green aside, turning her envy into anger and pain. Blue was angry and filled with wrath! He had watched the foolishness of his brothers and sisters, they not worthy of his time, his help. Nobody would listen to him. Why should he even be around the other Warriors? Blue stormed off. Orange loved feasting, was happy indulging her gluttony among all the fruits, animals, and food that they had created.

Darkness whispered to her child, telling Orange that she had found a river that had the most beautiful fish, a meadow with the most delicious fruit, a place where the abundance would never run out. Greedy, eager, she gladly followed her mother, with eyes only for the food. Darkness smiled her wicked smile. Her work was almost complete.

The growing darkness wormed its way into Yellow’s head. He shivered as he woke from his slumbers, saw the cold blackness around him, realized how foolish he had been. Yellow jumped up, went to find his brothers and sisters. They were strong, bright and beautiful – they would help him. When he saw them he realised that they had all lost their lustre, their strength, their vitality. Instead of being strong and vibrant they were like shrivelled frozen leaves clinging to a dying tree. One small breeze, a whisper from the Shadows, would send them all spiralling down to their death.