Chapter Four

Now Darkness
wanted more. she
wanted to weaken
and imprison the
Iris Warriors.

The Iris Warriors were too busy playing and having fun to notice Darkness and her black, impish Shadows as they wreaked havoc on their world. She stalked them, her Shadow army quickly smothering everything the Iris Warriors created – the second the warriors moved on, the Shadows swarmed in, darkening, destroying, desecrating. Now Darkness wanted more – she wanted to weaken and imprison the Iris Warriors. Knowing her children’s weaknesses, she came up with a plan to destroy them, using their own vices against them. With the help of her Shadows she would manipulate each of them, force them to abandon each other. They would all experience the bitter pain of betrayal, just as Darkness had.

And so the battle began…

Indigo was a needy child who felt she deserved anything she wanted. The Shadows whispered suggestions to her, froze her heart, fed her greed. She gazed at Yellow, happily playing with a beautiful bird he had created. She demanded that he share it with her, but Yellow simply laughed at his sister and moved away. Indigo’s greed festered and grew… Yellow was easy prey. He loved nothing more than playing and merriment. When the Shadows approached him, he ignored them, he was too busy playing with his bird. When he sat down to rest they lulled him to sleep with a lullaby, stole his bird, devoured the bright beautiful world where he lived.

In the distance, Red watched Violet’s graceful moves. They pleased him, were very different from his fiery moves and intensity. He lusted after her and wanted her for himself. Fuelled and tempted further by the Shadows, Indigo worked with the Shadows to feed Red’s lusty passions, encouraged him to claim Violet as his own. Violet was combing her lustrous hair with her fingers when Indigo approached, whispered softly in her ear. When Violet heard that Red lusted for her she was proud to be the one this fiery Warrior had chosen. She flashed her beautiful eyes at Red, pranced, teased and tempted him. In return he strutted and posed, showing off, the two feeding each other’s weaknesses, lust and pride. Intoxicated with each other, they decided to run away together.

But still Darkness was not satisfied. She whispered to Green, told her that Red lusted after Violet. Green was envious, wanted to be the object of everyone’s desires.